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The greatest people you’ll ever meet come here for the rich literature, narcotic music, and of course, the renowned art-work. Whether enjoying the thoughtfully decorated ambiance, and leisurely furniture, or perusing online, we will make you feel at home and at luxury at the same time. Experience a myriad of iconic reads, novels, volumes, biographies, and a range of blogs – not bought, but chosen from the private collections of the self-same people who give True Blue our enigmatic soul, all for your reading pleasure.


True Blue Lifestyle Experience

This month, we would like to present you with the “Lifestyle Edition” of the True Blue – #OffTheNeedle Online Magazine. What do...
True Blue Tattoos LS Oct 2017-317

True Blue Hoodie

There was time where Hoodies where mostly associated with criminals, hackers and people who hate doing laundry (or ‘rockers’ as most people...
Harley Davidson Blanket Run

Harley Davidson Blanket Run

Last weekend I was invited to a charity event for kids… the Harley Davidson Blanket Run. As an avid motorcycle enthusiast and...

The Differences

Fresh with the scent of Europe and all it’s hot couture and smugness that befalls it, I thought it as good a...

Going To Germany

This month the best artists at True Blue Tattoo Studios will be going to Germany to join the 25th Frankfurt International Tattoo...

Do you do cover ups?

We hear it almost every day, yet to some it doesn’t always sink in until it sank in… Every day our shop...
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