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The greatest people you’ll ever meet come here for the rich literature, narcotic music, and of course, the renowned art-work. Whether enjoying the thoughtfully decorated ambiance, and leisurely furniture, or perusing online, we will make you feel at home and at luxury at the same time. Experience a myriad of iconic reads, novels, volumes, biographies, and a range of blogs – not bought, but chosen from the private collections of the self-same people who give True Blue our enigmatic soul, all for your reading pleasure.


The True Blue Coffee Co

The True Blue Coffee Co “Coffee”. The mere mention of this fragrant beverage completely evokes the senses. A staple of early morning...
Be Yourself

Be Yourself. Be True Blue.

Be Yourself, Be True Blue To be yourself, To be True Blue, It all starts with a line. A line that...
Think before you ink

Think Before You Ink

“Think before you ink”. These were the words written in big, bold letters on the front of exam papers in high school,...
Tattoo Artists

A Guide To Becoming A Badass Tattoo Artist

Becoming a badass tattoo artist is no simple task. Truth be told, when it comes to making your mark in the tattoo...
Tattoo fads_ The good, bad and ugly

A Fad Ain’t Always So Bad

Show of hands – who remembers how popular Chinese symbol tattoos were, or those ‘wicked’ tribal tattoo that were all the rage...
5 Things to consider before getting a finger tattoo

5 Things to consider before getting a finger tattoo

Finger and hand tattoos are the latest craze to hit the local fashion scene, with loads of trendy young people rushing to...
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