Full colour and fun, I love mixing together elements of various styles to complement and strengthen one another. I like colour realism with illustrated and graphic elements to strengthen and give the tattoo "hold" over time. If it's something custom that gets drawn I usually lean towards a mix between new school and neo-traditional. Although these are my two preferred styles, I can also work in black and grey, whether realistic or illustrated. I also enjoy doing my own approach to Japanese tattoos. I like anything large-scale and bold really.

I like anything fun and quirky. While I don’t mind more serious subject matter or black and grey, I prefer full colour, fun ideas. Mostly animals, but not the typical lion or wolf portrait. It's very important to me that in order for the tattoo to be successful that you gel well with the client and your personality types work well together. I absolutely love large-scale work and prefer it when you can stand a few meters back from an arm and still see what the tattoo is. Flow and curve are very important to me, as well as taking a bold approach (I want to know that when someone's mummified corpse is dug up that you'll still be able to see what the tattoo was).

I started my tattoo journey in 2009, which gives me a (lucky) 13 years in this industry. I have been privileged to work with a variety of great (and not-so-great) artists over these years. I love my job.

Meghan-Ann's Portfolio

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