Do you collect
art on your body?
Then you've found your people.

We're the perfect
'just before dinner' stop
Open from 8 till 8, step in for a quick chat about your next tattoo over a glorious cup of coffee.

True Blue Professional Tattoo Studio is a place where people get to celebrate their love of tattoos. We give our clients the opportunity to really connect with us. You're part of something never-been-done-before whether you purchase the latest indulgent flash art pieces, or you have something special in mind that we can help you express in an unexpected, creative way. Our lively, easy-going studio has found its home in The Village neighbourhood in Hazelwood, Pretoria.

Don't wait weeks between
linework & shading
Book a full day tattoo experience for all the bells and whistles. Complete a sizable tattoo in a 10 - 12 hour session, join us for a social lunch and save up to R5000.


When you book a Full Day Tattoo experience you get all the bells and whistles. Your artist is dedicated to you all day, able to create a work of art in the ideal state of flow, with no interruptions. Except for lunch that is. Enjoy some excellent nosh with the gang, daily from 1-3pm, all included in your fee.


Most people are used to waiting weeks between linework and shading to complete a large tattoo. Perhaps you're sitting for 4 hours each time, it can add up! Because we're open from 8am - 8pm, we work longer without interruptions, PLUS it works out cheaper at R10,000 for up to 12 hours.

Lay eyes on new tattoo flash first,
and join our tattoo celebrations.
Only the good stuff.

Love Letters

Are you a newbie to tattoos?

We'll help you figure out who, and what style you really like.

True Blue Merchandise

Our online shop is all out of stock, and we're working on our new collection of unisex apparel. Watch this space!