Tattoo Do's & Dont's

It takes two to tango—and the same goes when creating a good tattoo. Getting a tattoo involves not just the Artist and his/her work, but also the client’s cooperation and ability to listen to instructions. You may have envisioned a bad-ass tattoo to grace your skin for the rest of your life—but as the old saying goes: “a goal is reached by beginning with a first step”. And the first step is KNOWLEDGE. A complete awareness of what you’re getting yourself into. So today I have gathered insights from a number of tattoo artists and here’s what they wanna tell you. Read this Tattoo Etiquette article for guidance and how to behave & I guarantee, you will walk out of the tattoo shop with total understanding and satisfaction, plus a good relationship with your tattoo artist.

Seriously. Don’t just get tattooed. Think about it. It doesn’t have to have some deep, dramatic meaning to it. It can be as carefree as picking a flash design that you vibe on…just as long as you know you want it. And don’t let others (not even your girlfriend) tell you what you should get. It’s your skin. Be the Master & Know what you want. Seek books, read about tattoo meanings, and if anything fits, sketch up or print out some references of what you think you want & go to your preferred tattoo shop for consultation. Any tattoo artist would be more than glad to make deals with someone who isn’t confusing.