Tattoo Artists, United To Create

Tattoos are an art form, a way to express ourselves, but they can also help us break out of the boxes we’ve been put in and erase the labels we’ve been given. Tattoos are (or should be) liberating, satisfying and a source of pride. We like to think of ourselves as a family, and as a client, you become part of it too. We get you.

Tattoo artists sure are a funny bunch. Elegantly slid in somewhere between the rebellious recluse and a bohemian villain. Wherever it is that you think you might fit in, we have an artist for you. For your viewing pleasure, below are listed some of our junior and senior tattoo artists, whose style in tattooing ranges from the popular illustrative line work to the colourfully obscure. Enjoy!

Realism, High Contrast and Fun Funky Colour-Realism. Sometimes jackets

Black & Gray and Illustrative Realism, Sketch Style, Graphic Colour Work

Whatever Charl comes up with and texture... lots of texture. sometimes just texture.

I do traditional... but ironically

I do whatever I want and sometimes tattoo. #L6love

I step on things

Missing. Call studio when found. 

With a touch of OCD.

If it's a tattoo I can do it!

Are you a newbie to tattoos?

We'll help you figure out who, and what style you really like.