Body PiercingStick it to the… whatever,
at Pretoria’s best body piercing parlour.

True Blue has developed a reputation for being among the safest and cleanest body piercing shops around, whilst at the same time being up there with the most adventurous. From your ears and neck to your most intimate areas, there’s almost no place we can’t help you beautify through this ancient art form.

Single, double or combination piercings, are designed to enhance the natural anatomy of the client. We love the opportunity to suggest and execute some fun piercing combinations in conjunction with unique styles of jewellery for the best-healed result.


I have always been drawn to piercings and the idea of adorning one's body which lead me to take up a piercing apprenticeship at 18 years old under Gavin Middleton. I have a passion for piercing, take pride in what I do and approach each piercing with the same enthusiasm as I did when I first started my journey as a body piercer.

Piercings Examples

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