The work I to do!


Big, bold and beautiful is what I like.

I was taught by a very old-school artist who opened up some of the first tattoo shops in Durban and Joburg, and so it goes without saying that I have major respect for the tattoo industry and the culture behind it. I've fallen in love with the industry during my 8 years of tattooing and find joy in what I do.

I was taught that as an artist you can like certain styles but you need to be able to do everything and anything that walks in, so my motto became 'if it's a tattoo I can do it' and I stick by that. I can tattoo any style from the smallest daintiest, fineline tattoos through to the large-scale full body, full-colour projects but I do love to work with more large-scale projects namely: Color realism, Neo-traditional and Neo-Japanese. I also very much enjoy sacred geo dot work mandalas with colour gems.

I believe a tattoo should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and flow well with the body, so placement and flow are very important to me. I look forward to creating world-class artwork and pushing the envelope of what is possible. Let's make some waves.

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