Skin Care & Tattoos: True Blue’s Pre-Care Guide

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first four sharpening my axe”


Now I can guarantee you that old Honest Abe wasn’t talking about preparing yourself for a day in the chair with your friendly neighbourhood tattoo artist, but he sure did hit the nail on the head.

As I’m sure that most of you reading this are aware, we’ve been subtly bombarding you with our How-To blogs on taking care of your brand-new tattoos. There are no more excuses. The next person who walks into the shop claiming that their "TATTOO IS LEAKING", will get a scolding, borne of years of pent-up sarcasm that, will leave you in tears. So, how can we be more helpful and less dictatorial?

We get a great many people asking us if there is something they can do other than their best cadaver impression when getting tattooed. And to that, we say: “Yes! THERE IS QUITE A LOT YOU CAN DO to help your body and mind be in an optimal space for a day at the scab mines.


Water is your friend, drink it like it’s your job. This benefits both your skin and keeps you hydrated leading up to your session. No one likes a person passing out because they were DEHYDRATED. In the long run, the benefits to your overall health outweigh all of those bathroom trips.


Don’t be afraid of a bit of moisturizer. Preventing dryness in your skin will make your tattoo artist's job easier and your tattoo will look better for it.


We know the temptation to go out drinking the night before is difficult to resist. It helps with the nerves and the anticipation and gives you good reason to brag to your pals about that glorious tattoo you’ll get the next day. For the love of Jack Daniels don’t do it. If you show up for your session under the influence you’re GOING TO END IT BEFORE IT'S EVEN BEGUN. Alcohol thins your blood which causes you to bleed more while getting tattooed. Turning our tattoo bed into a crime scene is not going to endear you to anyone.


Just like with the aftercare process, it is best to avoid the sun before your session. GETTING TATTOOED WHILE SUNBURNT IS THE OPPOSITE OF FUN. So try the untanned look for a few weeks before. We won’t judge you for not having the golden glow.


Before we put ink into your body, you should fill up with nature’s best. That’s right, a hearty breakfast. YOU NEED ENERGY, AND NOT THE PSEUDO-SUGAR ENERGY, and caffeine you get from energy drinks. Your body will be going through discomfort and stress and needs an adequate amount of fuel to handle it. Eating well before your appointment is one of the best things you can do to prepare your body for a marathon day of tattooing (yes, a full day is a marathon, not a sprint). Bringing snacks along to maintain your energy levels is a good idea too.