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The Low Down On Cover up Tattoos

[Edited: January 29, 2024] A cheating ex's name. That poorly rendered mural of an awful 90s punk band that never made it....

True Blue Tattoo Studio Celebrates 10 Years

How To Build a Tattoo Legacy True Blue Professional Tattoo Studio Celebrates 10 Years   When True Blue Tattoo Studio opened its...

True Blue Suggestion: Summer isn’t the Best Time to get a Tattoo

"Winter comes with an icy breath, and snowflakes dance until their death. A blanket of white that covers the ground and nature's...

Skin Care & Tattoos: True Blue’s Pre-Care Guide

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I'll spend the first four sharpening my axe"   Now I can...
Be Yourself

Be Yourself. Be True Blue.

  Be Yourself, Be True Blue   To be yourself, To be True Blue, It all starts with a line. A...
Tattoo fads_ The good, bad and ugly

A Fad Ain’t Always So Bad

Show of hands - who remembers how popular Chinese symbol tattoos were, or those 'wicked' tribal tattoos that were all the rage...