True Blue Body Piercings Discover the unmatched difference in our piercing experience

  • Gentle and precise piercer, prioritizing your comfort.
  • Proudly delivering expertly executed piercings.
  • Tap into a wealth of piercing knowledge at our shop.
  • Strict sterilization protocols ensure your safety and the safety of our piercer.
  • Embrace customization with our diverse custom jewellery options for every occasion.

True Blue has developed a reputation for being among the safest and cleanest body piercing shops around, whilst at the same time being up there with the most adventurous. From your ears and neck to your most intimate areas, there’s almost no place we can’t help you beautify through this ancient art form.

Single, double or combination piercings, are designed to enhance the natural anatomy of the client. We love the opportunity to suggest and execute some fun piercing combinations in conjunction with unique styles of jewellery for the best-healed result.

Jewelry pieces that will steal your heart


Your Perfect Piercing Partner!

Discover the world of Foundation, where we believe in crafting strong beginnings for your piercing journey. Our entry-level jewellery sets the gold standard for quality and comfort, offering 136L Surgical Steel and Titanium options. With hypoallergenic materials, you can rest assured that your skin will stay happy.

Foundation combines style and expression, with a stunning range of designs from classic studs to charming hoops. Designed for optimal comfort and healing, our jewellery ensures a smooth piercing experience and faster recovery.

Invest in the start of an extraordinary journey with Foundation. Embrace the beauty of your beginning, elevate your style, and celebrate your uniqueness. Unlock the true potential of your piercing journey - it all starts here with Foundation, your ideal partner for the perfect piercing experience.

Our talented piercer

Shawnae Greyling

I have always been drawn to piercings and the idea of adorning one's body which lead me to take up a piercing apprenticeship at 18 years old under Gavin Middleton. I have a passion for piercing, take pride in what I do and approach each piercing with the same enthusiasm as I did when I first started my journey as a body piercer.


Are you a passionate tattoo artist seeking an inspiring environment to unleash your creativity? At our studio, we're on the lookout for talented artists to join our close-knit team. Here, art isn't just a job, it's a way of life. We do this for the Love of Tattoos!

Why Choose Us:

  • Creative Haven: Immerse yourself in a studio where artistic expression knows no bounds. Collaborate with like-minded professionals in an environment that nurtures your creativity.
  • Unleash Your Potential: From illustrative realism to graphic sketch work, your unique style will flourish here. Showcase your expertise while expanding your artistic horizons.
  • Client-Centric: Be part of an artistry that touches lives. Create meaningful connections as you transform clients' visions into stunning tattoos that tell stories.
  • Professional Growth: We're invested in your growth. Benefit from ongoing learning, skill enhancement, and exposure to diverse artistic perspectives.
  • Family Spirit: Join our tight-knit family where mutual respect and camaraderie thrive. Together, we elevate each other and our craft.

How to Apply:

If you're an artist with a true passion for tattoos and a hunger for continuous improvement, we'd love to hear from you. Send us your portfolio and a little about yourself. Let's create art that leaves a mark – both on skin and in hearts. Join us in shaping the future of True Blue Tattoos!

Are you a newbie to tattoos?

We'll help you figure out who, and what style you really like.