Take the red pill

It’s a scary thought that your entire life hangs on a cable running to and from the interweb… I myself, imagine it somewhere deep in the earth’s core.

Perhaps even operated by little “Matrix” looking minions? My idea of the internet further disintegrates when the cables snap and are now replaced by a wireless mystery. Now, all that’s left over are billions of confused Matrix Minions looking for their red cables… and me…

The point is, we have been experiencing some major network/internet/server hosting problems. If you are one of the many who have been left wondering, just what it is about you that we just don’t like and therefore not answering your emails, don’t fret! We do like you! Unless you are that dude who keeps phoning me at 06; 00 AM. You I don’t like…

As for the rest of you lovely people, if it’s not too much to ask, could you please resubmit any questions, stories, world views and or legal threats to info@truebluetattoos.co.za

That will be all – Sidewayssmileyface

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