Do you want a free tattoo?

Meghan-Ann is giving away FREE portforlio pieces…

One of the many wonderful things about the tattoo industry is being able to explore new avenues as you grow as an artist. It’s an exiting time to be in the business and even more so , to be a part of the art form’s ebb and flow as it evolves every day; exceeding our wildest imaginations.

Senior artist and owner of True Blue Professional Tattoo Studio, Meghan Ann has embarked on such an artistic adventure by shifting her focus from black and grey realism, to the colourful slap-in-the-face that is a blend of New School, Neo traditional, Traditional styles peppered with some colour realism for good measure (whichever serves to strengthen the design as a whole), and you are invited to join the party.

Meghan will be giving away (YES, GIVING AWAY) one free portfolio piece per week. No strings attached. How does it work, I hear you say? Simple. See the form below? Leave your details, pick a design from the options below (the list will be updated as she designs them), and wait for our call. Tattoos will be done on Thursdays so be sure to take off work.

N.B – No alterations to designs. No cover-ups and first come, first serve.

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