What’s New at True Blue Tattoos


And we eat, sleep and breathe tattoos. Therefore we thought it would be “fitting” for us to design some merchandise that would reflect just that. One thunderous night, I gathered up the artists, locked them in a room and fed them, Red Bull. A week later we had eight killer designs for our new range of casual wear. We are, as you’d expect, very excited about our new shop and our new brand of clothing. The online store will be launching very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.


Did I mention that we are now proudly collaborating with the from “The Captains Beard”. We will be stocking all kinds of beard paraphernalia ranging from oils to Mo-wax to Baseball shirts. Be sure to keep a look out for some truly awesome events that both True Blue  Tattoos and The Captains Beard will be involved in.

In addition to all the amazing merchandise available, your tattoo has gotta look fresh as well. For that reason, we will be stocking a whole load of awesome aftercare products, ranging from creams to lotions to plasters.

So that’s what to expect from us all here at True Blue for now. There’s a lot more in the pipeline, so before I give it all away…