The style I'm going for goes in two directions. One is Japanese - everything about the culture; I am fascinated by folklore. All the different kinds of yokai. I'd love to get in deeper with that.

The other style is more neo-traditional, but with a darker twist. Mainly inspired by music, games and books I've read. Mainly berserk, dark souls and a shitload of black metal.

I've always wanted to be a tattoo artist. Back when I was a kid, I remember seeing a Hannya on a dude's back. That's when it all clicked; I started looking for a shop to work at when I was 19 and it took years to find a place not blasted with drugs and assholes. Scrolling through Facebook, a tattoo that was done at True Blue popped up: a lady with pitch-black eyes and horns on a stomach. I immediately knew this is what I'd been searching for. I started messing around by buying beard oil for them just to get a closer look (funny because I still can't grow a beard). I later made a booking for a tattoo and asked if I can do an apprenticeship.

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