The work I to do!

Theo Malherbe

Hey everyone! 

My name is Theo Malherbe. I’ve been in this crazy industry of tattooing since 2015! 

You’ll be able to see what a relaxing time I’ve had with my grey hair and back issues.

But it’s something I wouldn’t give up for the world! 

Tattooing is one of my biggest passions ever! I’ve always said my only purpose is to bring joy through my art! I’ve seen people’s lives change because of tattooing! 

My favourite type of tattooing is anything BIG! Whole legs, arms, and backs. The bigger the better. Either colour or black and grey, I love doing both! 

If you love anything nerdy (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings), ANIME!, Japanese style (preferably colour), or dark horror stuff I’m your guy! I do large-scale black and grey the most often. 

I could not be more excited, 9 years on, to be tattooing everyone! 

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