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Tattooers Unite S.A

Tattooers Unite S.A

Who Are we?

Tattooers Unite S.A is a collective of Professional Tattooers and Tattoo Studio owners across South Africa who have come together to assist other studios and artists currently facing challenges arising from the Covid-19 Pandemic. We envisage helping one another in a fair, non-biased, and neutral way.

What is our Goal?

We are dedicated to representing our industry fairly to the aim of gathering relevant information to share with others in our trade. This data will be collected as quickly as possible so as to avoid missteps and to empower us to negotiate workable codes of conduct and protocols for working during this pandemic for studios and individual tattooers alike. These goals will allow us to continue to work during the course of the pandemic, and in the future, not to limit but to protect our trade.

We are also working to facilitate a fund that will be available to legitimate, professional studios facing the risk of closure and putting their resident artists out of work as a result of hard lockdowns and rental liability while they are unable to trade and to support the resident artists who work within those studios.
We realise that starting an initiative of this nature brings with it an immense responsibility and that we may be met with some resistance and opposition, however, we encourage our industry compatriots to place their trust in us as we strive to protect all our interests during this unprecedented time.
We also would like to invite anyone who wants to help us to reach out and offer assistance.

The fund has been initiated by a body of directors who will oversee said fund to ensure that the money is managed equitably, fairly, and with no bias.

No profits shall be derived from this fund. Where payments must be made to institutions outside of the collective (ie: auditors, attorneys, printers etc.), such movement of monies must be agreed upon by the fund directors. To date, all assistance has been pro-bono.

In order to ensure that the fund follows a best-practice, legal framework, all registrations, donations and account pay-outs will be managed by an independent auditor.
Registration to this fund will give credence to the tattoo studio’s legitimacy and will not require any information with regards to the day to day financial workings of the assisted businesses.
We reserve the right to change any fund requirements as and when we are advised to do so.

This fund will also provide a platform for a possible future relief fund for studios and artists who find themselves in need of assistance due to accidents, illness, death and the like.

Monies raised for the fund will be collected initially from private donations, with the eventual aim of adding further promotional items (Tee-shirts, posters/sticker-packs and other branded merchandise) to the offering. These items may then be sold to raise funds and all member tattooers will be invited and allowed to design promotional items, further promoting themselves and their business.

So as to ensure that we reach the right people for, and potential beneficiaries to this fund, we will be utilising social media platforms and creating a website to house these resources available to tattooers and studios alike. These mediums will also provide an open platform for donations and public assistance.

Any tattoo-related resources, such as the code of conduct and specific protocols for working during the pandemic in South Africa will be made available to registered tattoo studios only.
No tattoo resources will be open for public perusal.

The fund will determine a monetary target, calculated from the amount of verified and successful applications and it will not pay out until this specified target is reached. As such, we cannot guarantee this benefit will cover all your expenses but we aim to provide at the very least some relief to all registered studios and the artists therein.

We will be consolidating all of these and other resources into one place – namely www.tattooersunitesa.co.za.

These resources will be made available online, in the form of courses instructing safe practice and guidelines, alternative government funding measures and assistance with the application process.

Important links, directing members to useful information with regards to mental health during these extremely difficult times will also be made available.
We encourage members to make use of these so as to manage stress and anxiety.

Further resources will be made available as and when they are released and gathered.

What are we doing?

We are currently engaged in the planning phase of this initiative, collaborating, generating relevant content, and identifying current and foreseeable problems.
We understand the severe time pressures and realise that everyone in our trade is waiting for answers.
Please bear with us – they are imminent.

We are also reaching out to any other parties who are offering loans or trying to make a profit through our trade during these difficult times. We humbly request that they please refrain from harming our efforts as we strive to put this initiative together.

We are working together with a positive ambition, exploring all avenues of action and though there are many challenges to our efforts, we are confident that we will succeed in this endeavour – to the benefit of all – if we have support.

We are doing everything that we possibly can, in order to get us back to work, but this needs to be done cautiously and with the highest respect for everyone involved in our trade.
From the big studios who have been around for decades, to the new guys who represent our future, we are facing this crisis together, united in our love and respect for our craft, and in the faith that we will overcome.

What now?

Please be patient, keep healthy and stay safe. Protect yourself, your loved ones and our valuable customers.

Please do not tattoo outside of the current allocated emergency level.
At the moment, we will be permitted to commence business, with Covid-19 safe practice guidelines at Level 1. This status may change depending on how we conduct ourselves over the coming weeks and months.

Now, more than ever before, we need to be a shining example of responsibility and caution to the public and to our government.
Be vigilant, be creative and remember to take care of your mental health.

United in our support, thank you,

Tattooers Unite SA