The work I to do!

Rodney van der Berg

I have been tattooing full-time for 20 years this year 2021. tattooing and anything tattoo related is the love of my life. I come from Orkney, yes Orkney, and no I have never had relations with a cousin, I did have a serious relationship with a Fleshlight once though, it ended badly after I tried to warm it up for a more realistic feel in a microwave. 

My tattoo journey has let me experience the world in many interesting and rather weird places and I can honestly say without much doubt in my mind that if You can think of a scenario or situation in which someone can get inked, I have probably done it or been part of it in some way, or at least seen it go down.

Please be on time for your appointment, Failing to do so really seems to get under my skin for some reason and that's really not good, especially before I have to get under yours.

I am a gipsy at heart, a purveyor of peace and a spiritual philosopher by default. My job is managing your expectations, tattoos are the physical and creative manifestation of the relationship we will ultimately have with one another for the rest of both our lives on this earth as artist and Canvas, so through mutual respect and trust lets both Love what I get to do for you through this ancient and sacred practice.

I love to make things with my hands in any form, tattoos, tattoo machines, art, food, sculptures, whoopie, whatever, just not ironing, I hate that, and I think that clothes made from fabric that doesn't crease are probably one the most under-appreciated inventions in modern existence. If life gives you lemons, squeeze some juice, add a quarter teaspoon of bicarb and a little warm water, and drink it, It neutralizes intestinal ph, so you don't need to be a sour beach. In the greater scheme of things we are all just passing through this reality, we might as well have fun and get the most out of it while we get to experience this amazing creation called life, so cover me in butter for this role that I am on and let's make some memories together.

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