The festive season is almost upon us! As we wind down for the year and start enjoying the fun in the sun that comes with South African Xmas vibes, it’s always a good idea to get a jump on the Christmas shopping frenzy that we all hate. From struggling with parking to dealing with December price gouging and hunting down those gifts we all know sold out last month already, the festive season can get crazy. 

This year, instead of fighting for your life at the malls and shops, why not think outside the box and get someone a gift they won’t have to put a fake smile on for? A gift that will truly delight them. A gift that will last a lifetime. That’s right, kick the boring tube socks that always fall apart. Stop with those done-to-death toiletries and overpriced fragrances. Avoid pricey electronics that don’t last, and say goodbye to artery-blocking food pressies with too much sugar in them.

This post checks out a gift that keeps on giving. Something a little more permanent than all the other goodies out there. A gift your closest friends, cherished family, or even your work bestie won’t soon forget. We’re talking about the gift of art - special art: Festive tattoos or piercings with tattoo gift vouchers from your favourite professional tattoo studio, True Blue.

Solving the gift problem

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Festive shopping chaos aside, one of the toughest things many people face whenever the festive season rolls around is figuring out what you get as gifts for people. Every year, it gets a little tougher to find the gifts people truly appreciate. So shoot for a gift our loved ones can genuinely enjoy – one they can keep for a lifetime.

So many pointless Christmas gift ideas

From dodgy products designed to break right before Christmas or the next birthday to generic presents that most of us would prefer taking their cash value for instead, nailing your gifting goals is hard. So, why not take things up a notch and surprise the people in your life with an opportunity to enjoy an experience that’s tough to beat and have something to show for it for many years to come?

Because who doesn’t love something they get to customize themselves?

The biggest problem with gifts is trying to anticipate if the people receiving them will actually like them. While we all have that sibling or childhood friend who has no qualms about letting you know how crappy your gifting taste is, most people politely smile and thank you for their gifts – even if they hate them.

Admit it, good gifting feels good

Festive season gifting is just as much about making ourselves feel good as it is about making the people opening those wrapped-up surprises happy on Christmas morning or at the Christmas office party’s Secret Santa that always seems to go horribly wrong. That’s why it cuts so deep when everyone can plainly see that the gift just opened, well, sucks.

But when a gift truly lights up a person’s face and delivers real joy, then those festive Xmas vibes hit home. Especially when it’s something that the recipient can change, design, choose and create themselves.

Why tattoos & piercings are such great gifts

Tattoos have long been a gifting option of choice, especially for people who already have a couple. But in a world where tattoos are massively popular and where piercings are the go-to body art option for many, nothing beats having someone else offer to pay for it.

With tattoos and body piercings, there’s no need for returns, exchanges or cash receipts. There’s no chance of choosing the wrong colour or size. The receiver has full and total control over their own ink or accessories; all you have to do is provide them with a means to do it at a bespoke tattoo studio noted as one of the best tattoo shops in SA.

Make a mark with loved ones this festive season

So take your festive season giving to the next level and give a gift that people will genuinely love. Open the door for grandma’s very first tattoo; be the ‘funcle’ that empowers your nephew to finally get that piercing; or shake things up in your friends group by convincing your crew to get matching tats.

Tattoo Christmas gift ideas

The beauty of festive tattoos and body art is that they come in all shapes and sizes. When gifting one, you don’t need to worry about picking the right style, colour or even the date it’ll be done. Tattoo gift ideas are easy.

Here are a few ways to make that happen this year:

  • Buy a tattoo gift voucher and make ‘em smile – Like any regular shopping vouchers, tattoo vouchers can be redeemed anytime. Recipients can use them for more than one piece or add to the value of the job they've got their eye on. Click here to get started.
  • Pay for their body piercing and go “full Xmas” – Piercings that can be swapped out with different accessories make for a fantastic festive gift idea. Think about buying a voucher for the piercing and then shopping online for Christmas-themed earrings, belly rings and more, like Xmas trees, candy canes or even a likeness of old Santa Claus himself.
  • Commission a design for a loved one – This festive season gift option is perfect if you have no clue about what your gift recipient’s tastes really are like. Getting a custom, bespoke festive tattoo design means getting in touch with a top tattoo artist and commissioning them to draft a design for your lucky loved one.
  • Cover the post-tattoo care this festive season – New tattoos need some important TLC, especially over the summertime. But quality tattoo care products can get expensive. So, why not foot the bill for those ointments, creams, coverings and oils some people struggle to afford?
  • Awesome merch & gifts – For those not yet ready to get tattooed, there is still the option of making them happy by getting your hands on exclusive True Blue merchandise and jewellery during the festive season. Perfect for youngsters waiting for the day they join the True Blue tribe, this top-quality merchandise is a must.

True Blue’s Festive Season deals

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At True Blue, we like to celebrate the festive season about as much as those trippy little elves do up on the North Pole (yeah, we think they're real – because, why the hell not?). But when we’re not donning Christmas hats, knocking back an eggnog or trying to see how many decorations we can get on the Xmas tree before it catches fire or falls over, we’re finding ways to make our people smile.

Check out our range of custom festive season gift combos and take care of your Christmas gift ideas blues in no time at all!

  • Shirt + Voucher: TBT Shirt & Tattoo Gift Voucher Gift –R 1,000

Buy a voucher which your gift recipient can redeem for up to 3 months in exchange for a tattoo or work to the value of R700. We’ll also throw in a famous TBT shirt that looks great, feels good and will last for at least the next couple of Xmases.

What’s in it:

  • R700 Tattoo Voucher
  • TBT T-Shirt
  • Comes packaged in a lovely gift box


  • Shirt + Voucher + Food: TBT Shirt, Tattoo Gift Voucher & Food Voucher Gift– R 1,200

Make a day of it. Get the full Monty with a True Blue voucher to the value of R700, along with a classic TBT shirt and a food gift card worth R200, entitling the holder to a yummy snack, meal or drinks at the lovely Peaches Restaurant just around the corner.

What’s in it:

  • R700 Tattoo Voucher
  • TBT T-Shirt
  • R200 Peaches Restaurant Voucher
  • Packaged neatly into our gift box


  • Voucher + Jewellery: Selected jewellery pieces & Tattoo Gift Voucher Gift – On Request (± R 1,200)

Take things up a notch and add some flair to your gifting. Let your giftee pick out a stunning piece of jewellery from our custom selection before redeeming their R450 voucher to get a piercing or to come back and enjoy the experience once they’ve had some time to think about what they want.

What’s in it:

  • A piece of jewellery selected from our TBT collection
  • R450 PiercingVoucher
  • Packed into a beautiful jewellery box


  • Double Tattoo Voucher: 2 x TBT Tattoo Gift Vouchers –R1200

Double down and kill two turtle doves with a partridge in a pear tree by taking advantage of our double festive offer. Get two separate TBT Tattoo vouchers for two of your favourite people and avoid any family squabbles over who gets to sport the best ink this festive season!

What’s in it:

  • 2x R700 Tattoo Vouchers


  • Double Piercing Voucher: 2 x TBT Piercing Gift Vouchers –R750

Double down and kill two turtle doves with a partridge in a pear tree by taking advantage of our double festive offer. Get two separate TBT Piercing vouchers for two of your favourite people and avoid any family squabbles over who gets to sport the best ink this festive season!

What’s in it:

  • 2x R450 Piercing Vouchers

Happy holidays from your favourite tattoo studio!

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The festive season is a time for giving, showing our love for one another and celebrating the end of another year. But it’s also a time for telling people how much they mean to us. And nothing does that better than a thoughtful gift that lasts a lifetime.

Gifting can be a stressful and hectic affair. From rushing to the shops only to find your plans dashed by stock-outs, high prices and stuffy crowds to watching the excitement disappear on the faces of people opening yet another gift they don’t really want or need, getting those Christmas gift ideas right is tough.

Rather than face the madness of the Christmas retail rush, head on over to True Blue Professional Tattoo Studio, where the only crowds you’ll see are the ones gathering around a beaming new festive tattoo recipient’s freshly marked flesh. Enjoy a coffee while you browse the art around you, take in the chilled ambience and listen to the quiet murmur of artists at work.

At True Blue Professional Tattoo Studio, we love to celebrate the festive season with everyone as keen to enjoy a good time as we are. So pay us a visit, chat with us and grab a gift that will last a lifetime or spoil yourself with one of your very own. Because, like your lucky loved ones and friends – you deserve it too.

Here’s wishing everyone in the True Blue family and beyond a safe, happy and joyous festive season!

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