Full Day Flash Tattoo Experience:
Going big? Put a crazy, fun 10-12 hour piece in your collection all in one day. Until November, you even stand a chance to get yours free.

Are you a curator of curious tattoo collections?
Maybe you're just batshit beautiful, and you love the thrill?

Our #FullDayFlash experience (worth R10,000) is designed for people who really love tattoos.

  • Save on average R5000 by doing one session instead of 2 - 3 over weeks / months.
  • No waiting months between linework and shading.
  • Larger than life, crazy pieces of art in the signature style of your artist.
  • 10 - 12 hours of tattooing from 8am - 8pm.
  • A social lunch with the studio from 1-3pm, everyday.
  • A photo booth to capture or share your new tattoo.
  • Mouth-watering coffee, served with love, all day.
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  • 1 Choose your favourite tattoo style and artist
  • 2 Connect with your spirit tattoo (new flash every month)
  • 3 Book your never-to-be-repeated tattoo piece with the form below
  • 4 Pay a R5000 deposit on a Full Day Flash Art Experience
  • 5 And until November, you stand a chance to get yours free

Like everything we do, we love old school tattoo principles, but we always bring a little something new to the needle.

This is not the flash you're used to.

Charl Richardson is a sexy man-beast-slayer who designs floral pornographic wallpaper for monarchs and has a weird tyre fetish.

Meghan-Ann Potgieter is a collector of leggings and knows the words to every Scissor Sisters song. Ever. She's also the boss.

Francelle Coetzee Like the shoemaker and the elves, she appears in the morning and leaves when the tattoo is done.

Trystan Stroh has an ability to create mesmerizing pictures using a wisp of fluff from his back and a paint like substance secreted from his belly button.

Chris Theunissen Old man. Chris comes with New Balance shoes and moans when people walk on our lawn.

Etienne Botha Might or might not be Chinese...

Have fun with it, and buy art pieces, designed to be tattoos.


Traditionally, flash art is quick sticks, with predictable styles and themes. We love those as much as the next tattoo studio, but we've decided to put out more of the kind of work we love doing. We'll be bringing you a regular stream of big, crazy, complex flash tattoos, which will take 10 - 12 hours to complete.


Most people are used to waiting weeks between linework and shading to complete a large tattoo. Perhaps you're sitting for 4 hours each time, it can add up! Because we're open from 8am - 8pm, we work longer without interruptions, PLUS it works out cheaper at R10,000 for up to 12 hours.


When you book a Full Day Tattoo experience you get all the bells and whistles. Your artist is dedicated to you all day, able to create a work of art in the ideal state of flow, with no interruptions. Except for lunch that is. Enjoy some excellent nosh with the gang, daily from 1-3pm, all included in your fee.


We uphold integrity and a high standard within the tattoo industry. You never have to doubt that we maintain a clean, safe and responsible environment. Extra precautions are taken at this time with only a small number of people in the shop at any point, and our space is always well ventilated.

Email us to book your favourite Full Day Flash Art piece,
and we'll be in touch with the next available time slot.