The work I to do!


My name is Francelle Coetzee.

My journey started when I was on my way to the dentist and I walked past a beautiful tattoo shop. I decided then and there that I would work there someday. My apprenticeship was quite a journey but thanks to my mentor Charl, I got through it with blood, sweat and unspoken tears.

At the moment my style is all over the place. A bit of everything. Anything that is a challenge is what I like the most. I always want to try something new. My personal preference is to go big or go home with tattoos.

Fantasy art and fantasy books are my inspiration for my designs, sometimes it can get a bit weird, but normal is boring anyway. To do creatures of imagination is the ultimate goal. I love doing realism but my way.

I have not found my style yet but I will figure it out one day.

Francelle's Portfolio

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