Think Before You Ink

“Think before you ink”. These were the words written in big, bold letters on the front of exam papers in high school, and duly ignored by most students who were just trying to get that shit done and get the hell out of there… However, now that I’m a little older (and just a little…

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A Guide To Becoming A Badass Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artists

Becoming a badass tattoo artist is no simple task. Truth be told, when it comes to making your mark in the tattoo industry, being able to draw well accounts for about one percent of what it takes to become professional tattoo artist who is respected among your peers. We’ve seen so many young hopefuls come…

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A Fad Ain’t Always So Bad

Show of hands – who remembers how popular Chinese symbol tattoos were, or those ‘wicked’ tribal tattoo that were all the rage in the 90s and Naughties? If you weren’t around for ‘KTV Power Edition’ and the era before cell phones came along, then you’re probably too young to know about those types of tattoos,…

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