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Why do you think people choose tattoos from these mentioned en- tities?
It is 2017... people are lazy and over-entitled. Most are too lazy to think for themselves so they throw out ideas and opinions to the masses and make important life decisions based on the amount of likes (a false tally of peer approvals) they get. Yet they say that they are getting tattoos for themselves. Here is my question to these people. If you are getting this tattoo for yourself, why do you have the need to spell it out for the rest of the world? You deliberately choose symbols and sayings that have been regurgitat- ed over and over from motivational posts. Why are you so scared that you won’t be understood or, god forbid, that you actually will be understood? It’s not the tattoo that carries the meaning. It is the person wearing the tattoo that gives it meaning. I would like to believe that my life is more than just a feather, a zodiac sign or little scattered birds.
Soooo where are your tattoos?
This summer I am rocking a full bodysuit, all done in flesh tone. Oh seriously? I just re- cently got into tattooing so I haven’t had a lot of time to work on mine. Currently Meghan is doing a piece on my shoulder and upper arm. I can’t wait to have both arms and legs done one day. So that, dear clients, I too can know what you have to go thorough. Having to wait really sucks, though.
Who would be your perfect client?
Someone that could imitate a corpse. A corpse with a fat stack of cash burning a hole in their pockets. Nah, not all clients are bad. Even the worst of mushroom clouds have a sliver lining. I want what all tattoo artists want. Client comes in and says - "I had a look at your portfolio and really love the work you do. I would like a tattoo of -insert some- thing cool here- I also like - more cool stuff goes here - but aren’t really phased if all of it can’t be incorporated. I have a large budget saved up as I know how important and permanent tattoos are, so time is not an option. I am available when you are. The most important thing to me is that it is YOUR style or interpretation. Oh and here is a chocolate and a bag of diamonds for your time." I will be making our friendship bracelets for days to come and dream of how we ride unicorns bareback over a rain- bow, into the sunset, through clouds made from candyfloss and children’s laughter.
Which cartoon character best describes your personality?
Invader Zim - for tattooing marches through my veins like giant radioactive rubber pants! The pants command me! Do not ignore my veins!

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