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How long have you been tattooing for?
It is coming around to almost three years now, maybe two-and-a-half if we exclude my apprenticeship. Although I think an apprenticeship never ends. Hopefully I will be still be saying I am an apprenticing 30 years from now. I never want to stop learning.
What is your favorite style of tattooing?
All of them! Except the Brakpan tribal. Each style in tattooing has its merits and focuses on several key points of the craft to achieve awe inspiring art pieces (except the Brakpan tribal). Neo-traditional might focus on line weights, precision and smooth colour blends accompanied by decorative simplicity, where Realism focuses on capturing the perfect tones and values while still maintaining different forms and textures.
What or where is the weirdest tattoo you have done?
You want me to say penis or vagina right...? Yes I have tattooed the most sacred of blossoms on a lady before, no it wasn’t that awkward, well... until she woke up.
I never tattooed the pork sword, but one did fall on my hand while i was tattooing an inner thigh. That really made me question my existence up to that point in time. The weirdest place I had to do a tattoo so far was the inside of a lip. NO, not that lip! The inside of someone's mouth. I was still doing my apprenticeship and no one else in the studio wanted to do the tattoo. The client didn’t mind me doing it, so I did it. That, my friends, was hell.
Is there a style you really "hate"?
Yes, the rest of the world calls it... Facebook (or for some, Pinterest) Why the strong dislike?
Lets go on a little rant, shall we? Think about this for a second or two. If you had the opportunity to have your skin blessed by one of the many great creative minds of our time; to really allow them to reveal their heart and soul in a vulnerable moment of pure imaginative expression; if you had the chance to allow a symphony to be played out over your body in perfect harmony for the next couple of hours yet you decided to go with some dumb-ass picture of someone else’s tattoo you found on Facebook because it just really says everything about who “you” think you are. If I had the op- portunity where Leonardo Da Vinci was going to create a painting just for me, I would’t be showing him pictures from Facebook and saying - “More like this”. Al- though I might ask him for a selfie.

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