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CHARL richardson
When did you decide to become a tattoo artist?
The second I saw a picture trapped inside someones skin. I think it was a dragon, or a lizard, maybe a horse ... artists did’t really go into details back then. Left a lot for the imagination,
I suppose.
How did you become a tattoo artists? Took a needle, stuck it in ink and jabbed Meghan in the arm. That's it kids.
Okay, in short - Louis and I knew each other from school. He knew me as the dude that drew tits really well and I knew him as the dude that did everything else really well. Fast forward a couple of years later and I am stuck in the corporate world as a graphic designing, web programming, animating whiz kid with little love left for existing. I got a phone call from this dude that said I should leave the comfort of my beloved cubicle job and come check out his shop. The interview went as follows:
Louis: "Do you still draw cool pictures?"
Me: "Yes."
Louis: "That's my wife Meghan, she is the best. She's willing to teach you. Do you want to tattoo?"
And here I am today.

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