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Okay you are 4 guys in a band - what I want you to do is yell out the persons name to these questions:
Handles alcohol the worst?
Who is the ladies man?
Most of us have girlfriends so we are going to have to skip!
Who is the worst on tour?
Emile eats the most!
Who is the band prankster?
Let's see if you guys can agree on these questions: Favorite shooter?
Favorite drink?
Whiskey - If you want us to last the night - with soda! Otherwise just on the rocks!
Favorite city in South Africa?
Cape Town!
So you guys are playing in Pretoria at the Voortrekker Monument for the Halloween party on the 28th of October, what do you guys expect from Alien Ant Farm?
We are expecting some antics - no doubt! De nitely expecting Smooth Criminal, maybe even twice! They are going to give us good energy, and dance moves!
Any musician - dead or alive who would you love to share the stage with?
Jimmy Hendricks
The best platform for the fans to engandge with you guys? for instance Website or Facebook?
I think you can get us pretty decently on Facebook or Instagram. We always try to engage when people share things about us.

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