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What is your opinion about the South African music scene in terms of live gigs in Pretoria compared to CT?
The Pretoria scene has just been very good to us from the beginning. We  nd that the Pretoria crowd really gets behind bands, they always know the lyrics. I think when MK was still around that had a really good e ect on our crowd. We had quite a lot of suc- cessful videos on MK. We had a good following from there for a number of years and they just continued to be really nice to us. We o en get requests for really old tracks when we are in Pretoria. That probably happened through MK as well. Yeah we love it.The Cape Town scene is di erent, we haven't really been playing a lot of shows in Cape Town recently. I don't think we are currently the best people to ask about the live climate but there are really cool bands out there, I think Retro Dizzy is a really cool band down here, Medicine Boys also awesome. There are lots of people doing great stu . We just all try and support each other.
Talking about recycling, CT and water restrictions? (How are you dealing with the situation)
Wash the dishes conservatively, don't water the garden, I have the bucket in the shower thing that sometimes helps. You've got to do what you can. You've got to try.

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