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A er almost 9 years in the industry, what is next for The Plastics?
We've got a secret project that we are working on, that unfortunately, we can't reveal yet! Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram in the next couple of weeks we will be explaining that. We are about maybe two thirds away through our 4th Album, and we are super excited with our sounding, really just a di erent sound for us. A whole bunch of new styles and instrument choices. So that's next. We have also been talking about crowdfunding a years tour, so that is another thing!
How has your music evolved since you  rst played together?
It de nitely evolved a lot. I think in the beginning, we came from a kind of punk back- ground with our previous bands. We had a di erent approach. The 3rd EP was us trying to  nd our feet in writing more genre-less kind of music. At the time we listened quite a lot to Queens of the Stone Age and Blues. We had maybe a bit more of stoner rocky sound , it was quite upbeat. We were just  ddling around a lot in the beginning, trying to  gure it all out. Sash and I went to Europe in 2008 and we came face to face with this huge wave of indie that happend in England and Europe around that time like Foals and Arctic Monkeys, I mean there were loads. I think we got in uenced by that. We came back had a way more indie sound and then from there we've kind of just had growth through indie and trying di erent things, we did some retro - throw back 60's stu . The last album was more like a psychedelic pop sound, which we were creating for ourselves, based on stu  we liked - new gear and instruments - new ideas and the new album is di erent from that as well. It's a bit more emotional, it's great! We've got a bit more acoustic, key and guitar more group harmonies and vocals. It's looser and more focused!
Wikipedia says you guys are an indie rock band, are they correct and who are your in uencers?
Yes for now! Maybe! We have a lot of in uencers and I think everyone in the band also has di erent in uencers. I think a lot of our shared in uencers range from The Beatles , John Lennon, The Doors, The Rolling Stones and the 60's whole era. We've got so many in uencers - Mac Demarco, Tame Impala - there is so much going on, there is so much good stu  out there! As a musician, music is your food. You can't help by being in uenced by the stu  you eat!
O  the bat,
You guys are The Plastics, do you recycle? :)
Can't say that we do. We have buckets in the shower for when we are done showering we wash other stu  with the water.

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